Ezra: Months 1 & 2

I am still playing catch-up here so please forgive me! 

Ezra, at one month you...

-Are an amazing eater 
-Have almost outgrown your newborn clothes
-Smile in your sleep all the time. You must be having the sweetest dreams
-Love your swing
-Sleep in your pack'n'play in mom and dad's room
-Don't love your pacifier. We have only successfully gotten you to take it about 3 times. 
-Sleep for a 5-6 hours stretch each night. Mom thinks that is pretty awesome. 
-Love music, especially when Dad puts on records. 

At two months you...

-Are starting to "talk" quite a bit. It is the best sound.
-Smile all the time (both asleep and awake).
-Don't like to nap during the day. Lucky mom. I think maybe you are scared you will miss something.  Your Grandma tells me I was the exact same way.
-Prefer people to hold you sitting up. You think you are big. Also, I think when people try to lay you down to hold you, you are afraid you might fall asleep :)
-Are starting to really like your bouncy seat! There are two monkeys that hang from the mobile. The green one is your favorite, and you talk to it often. 
-Don't care for a bottle. This is all well and good right now while mom is home and can nurse you always, but we are going to have to keep working on this since eventually I do have to go back to work. 
-Usually sleep for a 6-7hr stretch at night. (Mom loves you!)
-Are getting really strong and have pretty darn good head control.
-Have started to suck on your fists. It is kind of gross/ really cute. 
-Weigh 11lbs and 10oz as of your 2 month check-up. You are in the 50th percentile for length and the 30th for weight. 

You are the best thing, baby boy. 

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