Ezra: Months 1 & 2

I am still playing catch-up here so please forgive me! 

Ezra, at one month you...

-Are an amazing eater 
-Have almost outgrown your newborn clothes
-Smile in your sleep all the time. You must be having the sweetest dreams
-Love your swing
-Sleep in your pack'n'play in mom and dad's room
-Don't love your pacifier. We have only successfully gotten you to take it about 3 times. 
-Sleep for a 5-6 hours stretch each night. Mom thinks that is pretty awesome. 
-Love music, especially when Dad puts on records. 

At two months you...

-Are starting to "talk" quite a bit. It is the best sound.
-Smile all the time (both asleep and awake).
-Don't like to nap during the day. Lucky mom. I think maybe you are scared you will miss something.  Your Grandma tells me I was the exact same way.
-Prefer people to hold you sitting up. You think you are big. Also, I think when people try to lay you down to hold you, you are afraid you might fall asleep :)
-Are starting to really like your bouncy seat! There are two monkeys that hang from the mobile. The green one is your favorite, and you talk to it often. 
-Don't care for a bottle. This is all well and good right now while mom is home and can nurse you always, but we are going to have to keep working on this since eventually I do have to go back to work. 
-Usually sleep for a 6-7hr stretch at night. (Mom loves you!)
-Are getting really strong and have pretty darn good head control.
-Have started to suck on your fists. It is kind of gross/ really cute. 
-Weigh 11lbs and 10oz as of your 2 month check-up. You are in the 50th percentile for length and the 30th for weight. 

You are the best thing, baby boy. 


Ezra's Birth Story

Okay, so I know it has been over a year since I posted. I am still not 100% sure I will be a faithful poster, but there are some things I wanted to have record of about these early stages of motherhood. I'm afraid if I don't write them now, they will evacuate my brain along with everything thing else. (This "mom brain" thing is real, guys.) So, here is the story of my sweet baby's birth.  

By the time my due date came I was getting a little stressed out. Besides all of the normal, "I'm so tired of being a whale" reasons, I had been on bed rest the entire 3rd trimester due to having constant contractions every 3 minutes. FMLA regulations only required my employer to hold my job for 12 weeks. That meant that by my due date I had exactly one week left where I had insurance, so while initially I was really against being induced, I was starting to come around to the idea. I went to the doctor on my due date (Monday, March 24th). My usual doctor was out of town, so I had to see someone new doctor- Dr. Hinton. After talking over my situation, we decided to go ahead and schedule and induction for that week. 

This meant that I was to check into the hospital Wednesday night at 5pm in order to be induced early Thursday morning. As I mentioned, induction was not something I was super excited about. (Except I have to confess that the type-A planner in me was secretly thrilled that she knew exactly when the baby would arrive.)

Upon arriving at the hospital and getting checked in, the nurse gave me a pill to finish softening me. At this point I was only dilated 1cm. She was initially supposed to administer one pill when I got there and another at midnight so that I would be ready for the pitocin the next morning. I don't know if it was because I had already been contracting for three months or if it was just plain old divine intervention, but that pill made my contractions intensify pretty quickly. The second pill would not be necessary. For the first couple of hours my contractions were still bearable. I also had some family visiting me, which helped to distract me. By around 10pm the pain was getting pretty significant, but I just figured this was normal and I would still probably not be in "real" hard labor until the following afternoon. This started to worry me a little because I hadn't planned on getting an epidural, but I knew there was no way I was going to be able to sleep with the amount of pain I was in. 

I expressed my concern to the nurse, and she acknowledged that my contractions were pretty rough for having just had that one little pill. Plus, they were coming every minute. She decided to check me again around 11pm. I had progressed to 2 cm at this point. Sharing my fears that it might be a long night, she gave me something to help me sleep. There would be no sleep. From that point on, my contractions were just intense. I kept making them check me every 20-30 minutes for the rest of my labor, and sure enough I would be dilated another centimeter. Even though I was progressing, I was panicking because I guess I was in denial that I was in actual labor and thought I still had hours and hours left, so I informed the nurse that I had changed my mind and would be wanting the epidural after all. Unfortunately for me in that moment (as I look back I'm so happy about the way it worked out), the anesthesiologist was in a c-section and could not come administer the epidural. Around midnight I think I finally faced reality. I was dilated 5cm at this point. I called my dad in Little Rock and told him I thought I might be having the baby kind of soon, so he should start driving. While I was on the phone with him, my water broke. The rest of my labor is all a painful, wonderful blur. The nurse was still hopeful that the anesthesiologist would make it, but she tried to give me something in my IV for pain management. It did nothing except make me super loopy (especially combined with the ambien they gave me earlier). The anesthesiologist did not make it. In fact the doctor barely made it! She essentially finished the c-section and walked into my room to deliver Ezra. After about 20minutes of pushing and the best coaching you could hope for from my amazing husband, I had my baby at 1:29am Thursday, March 27th. Ezra Holden Lee came out screaming and alert. He was and is still the best thing I have ever done and the most perfect sight I have ever laid my eyes on. 


Dustbowl Arts Market

Things have been very busy here at the Lee house lately. Ty has been preparing for a big art show, and I have been preparing for not one, but two craft show booths! Last weekend, my mom and I traveled to Norman,OK to participate in Dustbowl Arts Market. It was freezing outside, but I ended up getting to see a few friends I hadn't seen in a while, which made for a fun day! Here are some pictures of my booth that I wanted to share with you all. Hope you enjoy!


Yard Fun

I am really curious as to when I got old enough for working in the yard to sound like fun?! I have no idea at exactly which point this bizarre change took place, but I have spent the past 2 weekends doing just that. This past weekend we planted some flowers and got our patio furniture (Thanks, Target!) We have already spent a blissful dinner on our back porch. Though we still have a lot we would like to do out there, it is already making me so happy. It is funny how growing things makes you feel so good, like we, as humans, were made to do it! Here are a few pictures of everything so far. As we finish, I will share more of it with you all!




Personal Style: Flora

Don't you guys love when you find a simple, comfortable article of clothing that just happens to fit you perfectly and seems to flatter your best features (while camouflaging those you wish to not highlight)?! I feel like that combination of greatness happens so rarely in a garmet, but for me this dress does all of those things. I may wear it every day.
Bonus: It finally feels like spring!!!!!

Dress: O'Neil via Pacsun//Leggings: F21//Socks: F21//Booties: Vintage//Jewlery: Vintage and F21 combo


Weekend Recap

This weekend was filled with some much needed family time. We laughed, ate good food, and were constantly in good company. On Saturday Ty and I accompanied my mom and brother to Hot Springs to go to the horse races. This is the second year in a row we have done this for my mom's birthday. We love it because there arent many times throughout the year where we all spend the whole day together.

We spent Easter morning at church follwed by a delecious brunch with Ty's mom and brother. Ty's mom was able to stay with us all week, which was so nice. I think Easter Sunday ended up being a lovely end to her stay.


Personal Style: Season Confusion

Audrey crop top- F21(last season)// High-waisted shorts-thrifted, cut-off, and hemmed// Tights- H&M, Cardigan-Urban Outfitters// Leopard Booties-Target// Necklaces- Bella Vita
These days, even though it is technically spring, we have had some very chilly weather. And snow. I'm less than thrilled about it, largely because once it was officially spring, my wardrobe mentality switched. This outfit was my compromise. I decided to be rebellious with my shorts and crop top (while also being sensible in my chunky cardi, tights, and booties).

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